Mei 19, 2008

Writing is not easy, but very easy!

Writing is not a difficult activity at all, just like what the title said it is very easy!

Do you think that I am a fucking liar? Oh no, I tell you the real thing. There is no difficulty in writing. Writing is the same with conversation. Writing is the habitual activity only. So, Im so sure that everyone can do it.

What’s wrong with me? I can't write!

Oh no, what you said is not true, even (I'm sorry) you are liar. Could I ask you why you think that writing is so complicated for you, while you learnt to write from the elementary school?

If you answer:
  1. "The proven fact is that I never write. And I have no published article.."
  2. "I try to write again and again. But I feel there is something that blocked my brain, don't know what to write."
  3. "I have so many ideas. But my hand can't move pouring the word one by one on a piece of paper."

All of the reasons above, I guess, are the mostly people’s problem. But, one more time, it can't change my conviction that WRITING IS VERY EASY. Because I believe that everyone (include you, don’t you?) is blessed by this basic competence. Talking and writing are gifts from the God given to everybody. No except for YOU!

If you still keep the reasons above, I suggest throwing them away from your mind. Because it makes no move on your finger, your brain be blocked, and makes no grow on your confidence.
After throwing the reason away, so just move your finger and your hand. Write what you think or feel. Pour them all in to an article. It can be about your annoyance of the traffic jam or something wrong that happened in your daily life, left by your girlfriend/ boyfriend may be.
Pour it all to be an article. Move your finger as quickly as possible. Let it dance on the paper or on your computer's keyboard. Don’t only turn your head to left or right. Neglect anything around you. What you need is the show time for writing.

I believe, if you practice all those tips, writing will become very very very very easy!


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