April 27, 2008

7 Quick Steps to Write An opinion Article

Opinion article which is written in mass media should have some characteristics:

  1. Be Actual: warm, the topic or the theme is popular among people.
  2. Systematic: just choose the proper data for supporting your problems. Write it chronologically.
  3. Significant : has an impact for people.
  4. Be original: has a new idea. The fresh one is required.
  5. Language : write it in the popular-scientific style, briefly, densely, easy reading, and easy for understanding.

Making an interesting opinion article is not too hard as you think. Just try these steps below:

  1. Choose the theme. Firstly, you must have to make a plan what you want to write about. Choose one single theme. It is up to you. You may write about the environment issue, politics, economy, or some other issues. But, it is better if you choose the theme that you master and understand well.
  2. Sharpen your theme. You have to concern with your theme. You need to tight your discussion become a specific one. For instant, you want to write educational issue, that is “The destiny of victim students of Yogya earthquake”. Or you need to write about “The controversial national examination”. Yeah, just choose a single angle of writing.
    After that, reconsider what you will write. Surely, in writing process you have to pay attention to the characteristics of the opinion article above. Are you still with me? Ok… we continue to the next step.
  3. Fishing the ideas. How to fish the ideas? There are many ways to solve this problem. And the easiest one is by bombarding the chosen theme with the questions as ammunitions. The questions may be what, when, where, why, who, how. I suggest you to write these questions in a piece of paper or just type them directly on your computer. You can add facts and theories related to your theme to support your opinion. In order to make your writing become a smooth article, just write all what you want to write. Make your words flow slowly and tenderly.
  4. Grouping the idea. Then, make your ideas, facts, or information in group. You may have four, five, or more group. This grouping is made based on the similar idea.
  5. Additional information. Do you need to add new information? Check it out. Consider whether you need new information for each group or not.
  6. Well organized. After that, you must consider well, which group that is suitable for opening, the best for content, and the most appropriate for closing one.
  7. Just write it. If you have made up an outline, you just need to write from the beginning to the ending point. Explore each single idea that you found. Grow it. Sharpen it. You need to keep the connection between your paragraphs. But you do not need to be stock-still on the outline. When the process of writing is in going and you need to add or reduce something, it is ok. You can make it. The most important thing is stay focus with the chosen angle.

And finally… let’s start writing.


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